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Why Scrape?

Dan Bikle 2014-06-24

Why should you scrape the web?

This question is like, "Why take photos?"

Well, the web changes everyday.

You can record important pages before they change or disappear.

Do you have a page you want to scrape once a day?

If yes, then this site,, is for you.

How does it work?

First, you Sign Up.

(Memorize you password!)

Next, we e-mail a link to you.

Then, you click on the link.

Next, you sign in (remember your password?)

Then, you place an order for the page you want to scrape every day.

Then, you wait.

After a week, you will have 7 copies of that page.

What if you want to scrape 100 different pages every day?

No problem, we can do that.

Are some pages difficult or impossible to scrape?

Yes but with a little effort on your part, you can use your browser to capture any page once a day.

We will help you collect and store these pages.

Do you want to be useful?

Then it will be.

Do you want to see how well it works?

Then, Sign Up